Neurotherapy, An Alternative Remedy for Chronic Pain related Diseases and Disabilities.

"It is different from all other types of treatment but is similar to acupressure therapy and massage therapy or physiotherapy but in no way connected with any other system. The aim of all the studies is to help mankind to lead happier, healthier and fruitful lives. These types of practice have been in use since time immemorial and are known by different names. The latest name available is "NADY MARDAN KRIYA". Martial arts, Yoga and all other types of exercises are developed in connection with these system."

Cine Artist


"On 14th May 1994 I met with a major accident involving hip cup injury of my right leg and I had to undergo Physiotherapy for nearly one year after traction treatment taken at Mangalore Hospital from Orthopedic surgeon for nearly 3months. However my right leg was short by 1 1/2" and I was advised by the Orthopedician to increase the heel of the right sole by 1 1/2" and to have certain exercises on a daily basis for over 10 years.

I have tried everything and nothing seems to work except advice of the Orthopedician to undergo surgery for replacement of hipbone and cup. I was, hesitant to undergo surgery, which would cause intrusion of foreign elements inside my body, and I believe that nature will have its own way of curing. I was fortunate and destined to meet Mr. Sathyan Puthoor on 14th August 2004 and he gave me real hope. In fact he started the Neurotherapy, Natural treatment on 16th August 2004 and to my surprise and excitement my right leg was equal to the length of the left leg by 28th August 2004. At present, I am using normal shoes.

Similarly, my wife was treated for shoulder pain, tennis elbow, migraine and sinus. At present my wife is not having the shoulder pain, tennis elbow, sinus or migraine. I believe that God has blessed Mr. Sathyan Puthoor with the divine legs to treat people like me by Neurotherapy who cannot otherwise get the remedy from other forms of medicines.

I wish that many more will get benefit from Mr. Sathyan Puthoor for treatment of chronic diseases through Neurotherapy like slip disc, Arthritis, back pain, Sinus, Migraine, etc., which otherwise could not find remedy from other forms of medicines.

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