NADY MARDAN KRIYA is related to the ancient Martial Art of India called Kalari Payattu. KALARI PAYATTU is the unique contribution of ancient Kerala. According to legend, the sage Parasurama, after reclaiming Kerala from the Arabian Sea with his mystic powers, introduced the temple of worship. He placed statues of different deities in 108 different places and introduced Martial Arts, to protect the temple from the evils. Kalari Payattu is the only art, which accelerates the sleeping spirit and makes it active, physically, mentally, spirituly. And it is an art for self-defensive and treatment.
KALARI PAYATTU consists of different type of practice. MAIPAUATTU consists of basic exercises and provides the perfect co-ordination between the mind and the body. KOLTHARI & ANGATHARI is the training of various kinds of sticks and different kind of metal used as weapons. VARUMKAI is a practice ofcomplete subjugation of the opponent. MARMAPRAYAKA is the ultimate practice of martial arts damaging the nerve systems ofthe body. UZHICHIL is a particular special type of massage with medicated oil is given to the trainees as a treatment. This type of treatment is given to the Kalari trainees only. NADY MARDAN KRIYA, the practice to rectifies and rejuvenates whole body. It can alsobe used to treats diseases and disabilities.
KARATE, The modern Martial Arts
The legend states that some 1500 years ago a Buddist monk "Daruma Taishi" of Kerala, southern India,travelled to China to teach the secrets of Buddism and Zen practice. He taught them a form of exercise to strengthen their mind and body, the same would have been practiced in Kerala. The Kalari Payattu from Kerala and the old form of martialarts of China are the parents of the Karate or Kung-fu. It became famous in China and spread to Okinawa. After 1900 AD it was introduced in Japan. That is the beginning of the modern Karate.
Mr. Sathyan Puthoor, Managing Director of Neurotherapy Center is a Practitioner of Kalari Payattu since 1978. Apart from Kalari Payattu, he is also practicing Yoga, Meditation and Karate. He is a very dynamic, versatile person who actively takes part in the Social causes. He is the founder of Neurotherapy Center,(Nady Mardan Kriya)
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