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LIBINI JOY meets Shihan Sathyan Puthoor, a neurotherapist who believes that exercising pressure on the nerves can heal most disorders

   “The root cause of a number of diseases can be traced to the nerves. Exercising pressure on the nerves could, therefore, heal most of the disorders,” says Mr. Shihan Sathyan Puthoor, Managing Director, Neuroth erapy centre, Bangalore. He is not just a practitioner of Neurotherapy, but also the founder of this form of treatment.

Neurotherapy, he says, is a complete: system of healing, incorporating mechanical, psycho-logical and biochemical aspects. “It treats the root cause of the disease in an integrated manner. The disorder of the body organs causes an imbalance in the biochemical forces leading to the development of diseases. A neurotherapist activates or deactivates the organ(s) through press--ure or massage on the nerve channels so as to restore the balance and harmony of the body.” Says Mr. Satyan.

    He is of the view that carbon deposits in the nerves lead to various diseases. “A block in the hands, for instance, might make one feel the pain in the neck and in extreme cases result in loss of vision. The moment the block in the hand is cleared, the affected part will regain sight. This is precisely how neurotherapy works,” he adds.

    He believes that neurotherapy can be used to heal and treat a number of diseases from common cold, fever and arthritis to heart diseases, cancer and multiple sclerosis. “The clinical experie-nce with this therapy has been quite encouraging. People who have been suffering from pain for ten to twenty years are

often completely relieved of their symptoms,” he claims.

    One of the advantages of neurotherapy lies in the fact that there is no medication involved in the process, thereby reducing the fear of side effects. Then how exactly is the therapeutic method is applied? Unlike most other body-work therapy, pressure is applied and massage is given to different parts of the body mainly through feet and occasionally through hands.

    The therapist rests his/her weight on the both sides an applies pressure by standing on the patient’s body with the weight and the pressure being skillfully controlled. The other technique used is massage which results in the inflow of the blood to the organs. He also incorporates other forms like yoga, martial arts and kalari payattu for the treatment. This comes to him naturally since he has been teaching martial arts for the past twenty years.

    What started as hobby during his young days has now become a profession for this qualified lawyer. “Students of martial arts would come to me with small injuries and I started treating them. My knowledge of martial arts was of help at that time. All that I have learnt ever since then is through experience, “he says. He is also planning to hold a demonstration for the Indian Medical Council to prove his point in the hope that more people could benefit from this kind of treatment.

    His manthra for healthy living? “Eat less fatty food and exercise regularly to keep fit.”

Shihan Sathyan Puthoor can
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